Gifthütte Kaufbeuren - gmiatlich, ghörig, guat

A fresh draught beer on tap or other alcoholic thirst quenchers can be found here.

From the barrel

In the unique surroundings of the Allgäuer Alps, brewed with craftsmanship and a lot of love.
From clear mountain water and a careful selection of hops and malt an unmistakable speciality is created.

Falkenstein light cellar beer | Falkenstein dark
0,3l 3,00 € 0,5l 4,20 € 1l 8,00€ 

Aktien Hefeweizen Hell The full taste of fine yeast
0,3l 3,00€ 0,5l 4.20€ 1l 8,00€

bottled beers

Steingadener dark wheat
malty aromatic, traditional bottle fermentation
0,3l 3,00€ 0,5l 4,20 €

Light wheat Emperor Maximilian I.
tangy, light, 40% less alcohol and calories
0,3l 3,00 € 0,5l 4,20 €

Non-alcoholic iso-wheat
vitamin containing, isotonic, 50 % less calories
0,3l 3,00 € 0,5l 4,20 €

Shares Light Bright
Only 2,8 % alcohol, but a lot of taste
0,3l 3,00€ 0,5l 4,20 €

Clausthaler non-alcoholic
spicy-fresh, low-calorie, 0,4% alcohol
0,33l 3,00 €

Mixed drinks

shandy / what beer shandy / wheat beer with cola 
0,3l 3,00 € 0,5l 4,20 €

Lantern white wine, sprite, soda water, cherry liquor
1l 15,00 €

River Lech water
Wheat beer, orangeade, blue curaçao liquor
0,5l 6,00 € 1l 11,50 €

A Goat
Dark beer, cola and cherry liqueur, brandy
0,5 l 6,00 € 1l 11,50 €

Of course, we are also happy to serve you all other conceivable variations: Would you like a small, dark shandy? Or a light wheat with cola? Or a...

Just ask - we like to mix!